Fantastic samba music! The female dancer in the last couple to perform (4:37) epitomises femininity for me – hair, dress code, style – she has it all. She’s a great foil for her partner who uses the space to paint a beautiful story with her.

Stylised Jive action. Wonderful energy from this couple.

Stunning outfit. The female dance oozes sensuality and creates some amazing shapes and lines. It’s a pity the music, due to copyright reasons, has been muted for most of the video.

Three amazing couples:
Couple 1 (0:00) – Female dancer is all sass. Great body roll and oily back starting around 0:35.
Couple 2 (1:00) – Most natural arm lines from any male dancer I’ve seen. Watch what his partner does around 2:00.
Couple 3 (2:03) – Wonderful floorcraft from this couple. He moves away from a crowded area (2:25) and she follows his lead perfectly.

I’m in love with the female in the first couple to come on the floor. She looks fabulous and reminds me of Betty Boop. Very expressive and sensual movement. Lovely use of arms and wrist. There’s a head snap she does around 0:15. Love it!